My kitten walks…

My kitten walks on velvet feet, and makes no sound at all.
And in the doorway nightly sits to watch the darkness fall.
I think he loves the lady, Night, and feels akin to her,
Whose footsteps are as still as his,
Whose touch as soft as fur.

My favourite poem of all time, ever.  

I love the sense of wonder in it, the texture in the words and the picture it paints in my head of a sleek black kitten, tail curled around his feet, sitting patiently and watchfully at the door, and the calm, warm sense of lady Night greeting him after sunset.

Written Lois Weakley McKay, included in The Crow graphic novel by James O’Barr.

A pet peeve.

Want to know something that drives me nuts?! People who speak in past tense about future happenings – i.e.:

“This patient is welcome to review with me in the future if she wishED to do so”,

or “DID you want me to get that to you next week?”,

“I could arrange for that if that happened” AAAUUUUURRRRGHHH……..

Out of Africa.

Ha.  I made a funny.

But seriously, we’ve been in Africa (Botswana, Zambia and South Africa) for the last three weeks. I’m up to my eyeballs in photos, and GoPro footage and hope to have the best bits uploaded by this weekend.

Here is my aeroplane airconditioning-parched eyeball, by the way.

I’m going to say something that, in my head at least, only latte-sipping, oversized-slouchy-sweater-wearing wankers say, and I apologise in advance – but if you get the chance to go to Africa, my god woman, you have to go! It is amazing. The sheer scale of the place, the plains stretching out and out, the thunder of the Zambezi River as it flings itself over Victoria Falls, listening to the faint roar of a lion on the hunt as you settle into bed at night, and did I mention THE BABY ELEPHANTS?!?!

I have been to the Cradle of Life.  Have you?