4. Close Up

An old picture of LuLu, the sweetest kitten ever to be dumped at a vet clinic.  She lived to the tender age of 5 before being diagnosed with acute renal failure, and she went gallivanting over the Rainbow Bridge about 2 years ago, to join all the other pets my family has had to say goodbye to over the years.  Missing her every day still, but sure she’s having a blast chirruping for a small cheese snack and tripping people up wherever she is now. Xx

2. Empty

Epic Cookup this weekend.  My sister in law has just had a baby, and I’m one of those who always turns up with food instead of baby clothes.  On the kitchen forecast is crunchy nut slice, cookies, bolognaise sauce, lamb casserole, beef casserole, and a double batch of chicken casserole.  Wish me luck.

1. Morning

This is the gorgeous rumply sleep face I kiss goodbye when I leave every morning – Ace is the kind to snuggle in the blankets until the very last second before he needs to throw his clothes on and go to work.  I think he has about 4 alarms that go off, from a highly-ambitious 6.30am (which I think he’s only gotten up at twice so far this year), to the real last-straw alarm at 7.15am maybe?  When I get home after work I can usually tell which alarm he’s gotten up at from the number of things flung about the bedroom.

And I always get the muffled, murmured ‘I love you’ as I walk out to my car.  Makes my heart all squishy.