Ugh, April.

Well hi April.  I didn’t see you sidle in the door.  Why are you here already? WHY?!? However, thank you for giving me Autumn, the season of skirts and boots.


Some crazy (busy with work, karate, roller derby, family), yet lazy (been so busy, just want to watch Buffy) months have just flown by – I have glimpses of house work (when does the washing/tidying/cleaning end!? NEVER?! What do you mean NEVER?!), yard work, lots of driving back and forth from work (an hour each way sometimes, that’s TWO HOURS of my day just GONE), family dinners, preparations for karate classes and gradings, and more roller derby than one could poke a referee at.

Ross and I celebrated our one year wedding anniversary yesterday, too.  Dinner at The Meat & Wine Co. on Southbank, Melbourne. Here’s some photahs…





My intentions regards blogging are irrelevant.  I’m learning to let go of anxiety surrounding construction of mountains made from molehills – a job I am far too qualified at.  I’ll post when I remember to, and that’s OK.

Oh, and it’s not just me, or you.  Even little kids in my karate class are saying ‘wow, summer went past really quickly!’ – and kids don’t say that.  Kids see summer stretch on and on and on.  Jeez, I miss kid summers.

4. Close Up

An old picture of LuLu, the sweetest kitten ever to be dumped at a vet clinic.  She lived to the tender age of 5 before being diagnosed with acute renal failure, and she went gallivanting over the Rainbow Bridge about 2 years ago, to join all the other pets my family has had to say goodbye to over the years.  Missing her every day still, but sure she’s having a blast chirruping for a small cheese snack and tripping people up wherever she is now. Xx