About me

My name is Erin.  You may call me Erin.  I am 28 years old, and have been for almost a whole year.

I am married to a gut-wrenchingly charming PE teacher, martial arts instructor and Star Wars nerd I shall refer to as Ace.

We live in the outer, and I mean OUTER, suburbs of Melbourne.  Living in a new suburban housing estate is wonderful, once you are able to move past all the construction dust on your windowsills.  And the lack of trees. And space.

We do not have any pets.  Yet.  Dogs and cats are just about the best thing ever. Watch this pet-hair-free space closely.

I read a lot, take a lot of pointless pictures on my phone, play roller derby in most of my spare time, and with what’s left I make a few crafty bits and pieces, I cook a lot, and make short videos and take photos with a ‘real’ camera.

I work as a secretary, and occasionally as a vet nurse.  I will not be blogging about my work, it’s consistently pretty boring (the secretary part is, anyway) – why do you think I’m starting a blog?

I’m mostly consisted of should-do’s and should-have-done’s.  It can make for frustrating inner monologue.

I am on Facebook far too often (I need help!), I joined Twitter years ago but still don’t quite understand it,  I procrastinate on Pinterest and  I use Instagram, which is awesome.

Thanks for reading 🙂


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