A pet peeve.

Want to know something that drives me nuts?! People who speak in past tense about future happenings – i.e.:

“This patient is welcome to review with me in the future if she wishED to do so”,

or “DID you want me to get that to you next week?”,

“I could arrange for that if that happened” AAAUUUUURRRRGHHH……..

2 thoughts on “A pet peeve.

  1. I just posted today about my pet grammar peeve, too! Mine (or the one of many that I wrote about today) is when people mis- and over- use the phrase “in which.” I went slightly off the deep end getting this off my chest. It’s really beginning to irk me after listening to a podcast-host friend of mine who incorrectly uses “in which” several times each week for almost six years now. Its driving me mad and what’s worse is that he’s not a person whose easy to correct, at all!

    You can obviously check the rant out for yourself, if you’re interested. That’s just what it is, too, an almost incoherent rant regarding nothing I would ever normally blog about. There are other posts you might relate to also since I, too, am a wife and an animal biology major who recently changed over from a four year nursing major and I’m a derby freshie with a potty-mouth from which I have no plans to recover. I am also a chronic procrastinator and we appear to be wearing the same glasses, too. Just a thought. Have a good derby weekend!


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