Get to know the Real Me #3

3. Who is your favorite person?

There are a number of favourites, does that count?

My favourite author is Neil Gaiman, who reminds me to look for the oddities and fantasticals in every day. My favourite writer/comedian is a very difficult equal first between Craig Ferguson, and Tina Fey, both of whom are honest, hilarious and well-groomed.  Craig wears a three-piece suit sometimes and has a creepy, sexy smile, and Tina makes me laugh and laugh and laugh about silly, everyday things. My favourite musician is John Butler, transcendent with a guitar, and passionate about community, family and conservation. My favourite roller derby player is Bonnie D.Stroir because, hello, have you seen this woman skate?!!  There are others in many different fields that I admire, but none that are my favourite.

I don’t pick favourites from my actual life – that’s unfair, and so very ever-changing.  It might be you today!

However, of course, it goes without saying, though I shall say it regardless – my all time, favourite, most treasured person on the planet is Ace.  Yes, yes, gag all you want.  It’s true.  He’s the face I want to see at the end of the day, whether it’s been a great day or a terrible day.  He’s the one I want to tell all the things to, share all the things with.


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