My kitten walks…

My kitten walks on velvet feet, and makes no sound at all.
And in the doorway nightly sits to watch the darkness fall.
I think he loves the lady, Night, and feels akin to her,
Whose footsteps are as still as his,
Whose touch as soft as fur.

My favourite poem of all time, ever.  

I love the sense of wonder in it, the texture in the words and the picture it paints in my head of a sleek black kitten, tail curled around his feet, sitting patiently and watchfully at the door, and the calm, warm sense of lady Night greeting him after sunset.

Written Lois Weakley McKay, included in The Crow graphic novel by James O’Barr.

Fur Family.

On Saturday morning we got up at an hour one should NOT be up at on a Saturday morning, and headed out for a two hour drive to Ballarat  – it seems all the stars aligned this week – I’m about to start new job close to home, with shorter day hours, and a breeder I had been speaking to on and off for the last 6 months (we’re ready to get a dog! Wait, no we’re not, we’re going away! We’re ready to get a dog! Wait, no we’re not, we work stupid hours and are out late at night! We’re ready to get a dog! Wait, no we’re not…) had a pup become available after all.

So we went to see her.  She was chunky and sweet and very very happy to meet us. We figured we kinda liked her.

I spoke seriously to the breeder about vaccinations and worming and diet and hip dysplasia, and she gave me a bunch of information that mostly made sense and some that, from my (city) vet nursing point of view, made no fucking sense at all but hey, the dog was really cute!

So we bought her home

Meet Indiana.

She has filled us with alternating senses of joy (The softy softness of her soft puppy ears! She’s so roly-poly and sweet! Look at her little face!) and terror (We’re responsible for this little life?!).  Also, she snores.  We’re undecided on that right now.

Oh, and this is where I officially apologise to all the vet clients over the years that I have said ‘Toilet-training a puppy? Oh, it’s easy! Just do A, B and C!’ .  Because we’re doing A, B, and C, and she will still cock around outside for two hours sniffing this and that, and then poop as soon as she gets back inside.  FFFffffffuuuuuuuu…..!

Something I won’t miss about secretarying

Phone conversations such as this:

Me: Mr Surgeon’s rooms, this is Erin.

Patient: Hi I just wanted to fax something to you.

Me: OK, our fax number is XXXX XXXX.

Patient: Well that’s not what’s on your website. Your contact details online are wrong.

Me: Which website is that?

Patient: Well I just Googled Mr Surgeon and this was the first site that came up. *gives the address for one of a billion fucked up free directory services that just add random doctors intentionally with the wrong contact details so that their staff will contact the directory to register the doctor properly and maybe upsell to a better listing while they’re at it*

Me: I apologise for the confusion, but that’s not our official website, but I’ll get in contact with them and rectify those contact details. Thank you for letting me know.

Patient: You should really be careful what details are online for Mr Surgeon, that’s very misleading.

Me: …Yes, thank you, I understand. Well, our fax number is XXXX XXXX if you’d like to send that through, anyway.

Patient: How are people supposed to contact you if your details are wrong? You’re lucky I had your business card which has the right details on it.

Me: ….. I’ll await your fax. Thank you, have a nice day.

A pet peeve.

Want to know something that drives me nuts?! People who speak in past tense about future happenings – i.e.:

“This patient is welcome to review with me in the future if she wishED to do so”,

or “DID you want me to get that to you next week?”,

“I could arrange for that if that happened” AAAUUUUURRRRGHHH……..

Typical Work Conversation

Me: “Mr Surgeon’s consulting rooms, this is Erin.”

Patient: “Hi, when’s your next available appointment?”

Me: “The next available is Monday 13th May at 2pm”

Patient: “And that’s the next available? Nothing earlier?”

Me: “….The next available appointment we have is Monday at 2pm”

Patient: “Hmm, OK, I was hoping for something earlier. That’s definitely the next available?”


Patient: “Monday’s just so far away, but I suppose if that’s your next available… You don’t have anything this week?”

Me: “…So the 6th of June would be better for you then?”

Patient: “Oh, well, if Monday’s all you have then I’ll have to check my diary and get back to you”

Seriously?! SERIOUSLY!?