Get to know the Real Me #1

1. What did you study in college? (Or what do you want to study?)

I went to university straight from high-school, against my better judgement and mostly to keep my dad quiet.  I had done far better with my final scores in Year 12 than I expected, and got into my first preference at Melbourne University – a Bachelor degree in Animal Science and Management.  So I went to uni, did the uni thing, met some wonderful uni people and spent a lot of time at uni pubs.  I didn’t get gripped by my degree, as a lot of my fellow students did, as it was becoming more and more clear to me over that first year that I didn’t want to be at university, I wanted to be working as a veterinary nurse (which, my career advisor at uni told me, I was not going to get anywhere near studying this degree, as BAnSciMan would mostly lead to careers in research or agricultural management).  My quandary was that to be a veterinary nurse, potential employers looked kindly on a veterinary nursing qualification – however to apply to study for a veterinary nursing qualification, one must be working as a veterinary nurse.  So I advised Melbourne Uni that I would like to defer my studies for a year while I had a look around at vet nurse jobs.  Instead of getting a vet nurse job, I travelled a bit, and spent a good chunk of the following year working check-out and waitressing while I sent out application after application for vet nurse jobs.

I was just about to give up on vet nursing entirely when I got a call from a vet practice not 5 minutes from my parents house (where I was living at the time), offering me a job.  Hand in hand with that came the offer to study while I worked.  Two years later, I graduated with a Certificate in Veterinary Nursing.  That was 6 years ago now, and I’m still very interested in pursuing the Diploma in Veterinary Nursing.  It’s not going to fit in with my life right now, but it’s always an option.

We now resume our regularly scheduled broadcast.

OK, so.  The biggest thing that has changed since July 2012 (jeez!) is that I am now a roller derby skater.  I started with a local club flat-track roller derby club in September, and haven’t looked back.  If you want a sport that is tough, fast, skilled, strategic and fun, go find a roller derby club.  More that all of this, your roller derby club becomes your family faster than you can believe.  I am at Yellow Star level right now, with about three more months of training before I can step up and be part of the bouting team.  If you don’t know what roller derby is, watch this:

YouTube is full of videos of how to play, tips and tricks, and snippets from games (called ’bouts’). You can also watch the movie Whip It, which is the reason I became interested in derby in the first place, though take no notice of the punch-ups, the blatant illegal tactics, or the banked track. If you’re really REALLY interested, let me know and come down to one of our training sessions! We love Fresh Meat skaters!

Second biggest to that, I have taken up a part time job (to supplement my current full-time job, yes, I am perhaps exhibiting my inability to say no to things) as a veterinary nurse, to get my head and hand back in to an industry I love, and miss.  I think the work schedule needs a little tweaking before it fits perfectly, but working with a wonderful Head Vet, in a team of wonderful vet nurses, in a small but busy practice in a bustling shopping complex makes it very easy to want to make this all fit together.

Ace and I still don’t have any pets.  We’re about to go overseas for a short trip, and I’ll start ringing around for puppies shortly after we return.  I’m more excited about the puppies than I am about going overseas, but sshh. That’s a whole other story.