What is my blog boggle?

Why don’t I feel like I’m the Best. Blogger. Ever? Why don’t I feel entitled to express myself at large on the internet, because surely I’m worth reading?

I don’t have a theme.

I have no one, singular thing I’m absolutely mental about, enough to devote a blog to.  I am an enthusiast of many things, but not any one in particular. 

Things I am geekishly enthusiastic about:

  • Crapping around on the computer, formatting documents and tooling around with the typography of a poem
  • Taking photos of my friends and family, and superfluous stuff from my day.  And my family’s pets.
  • Making gift cards for things, mostly cos I get to use glue-tape and it makes me feel very efficient
  • Quilting, when I have access to a sewing machine. 
  • Scrapbooking, when I am touched by the inspiration fairy while at a shop and can buy everything for a single layout all in one go, particularly if some of it is on sale.
  • Organising things, making up systems to say this goes there, and then every couple of months, actually following those systems and doing a big tidy up and feeling very accomplished about myself.
  • Writing lists.  I mentioned that one earlier.
Things I am passionate about.  As in, heated discussion, ardent declaration, fist-clenching, hair-tearing angst about.
  • Zip.
Don’t get me wrong, please.  I am interested in and VERY MUCH FOR a number of things.  Teachers getting paid more.  People being better educated about the breed of dog that would probably suit their lifestyle rather than the breed that was in that recent Disney movie.  Home-made versus commercialised consumption.  Whole food versus processed carcinogens. Voting with your dollar, with your feet, etc.  Thoughtful gifts vs. something from the BodyShop at the last minute.
But I’m not going to go ranting over these things any time soon.  I have no theme.
So this will stay a nice, eclectic blog, I think.
Um…. I’ve just realised I have not thought far enough ahead to plan how to finish this post.  Let me think about it for a little bit, I’ll come back to it.
(for now)



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