Ash Grunwald – Longtime

This is a head-bopper for the Wednesday slump – can’t be bored at work when this is on the radio!

PS- a bit of a cameo smorgasbord of Australian musicians in this video, as well as some brilliant surfing probably by some famous surfers I don’t recognise.

The Sisters Three

Every few months there is a short hurtle around the Ring Road to the charming village of Yarraville, for coffee, cake and catch up with my mum and her sisters, and my cousin RaRa.

The bickerings of these grown-up sisters are hilarious.  Quite often my chai goes cold while I giggle until tears run down my cheeks.


RaRa and I keep promising each other we’ll never let each other get as eccentric as these three.  No short hair and dangly earrings for us! we declare.

But I don’t think it would be that bad.  I look forward to entertaining our own nieces and daughters when I’m that old, and RaRa and I are still visiting in Yarraville.

Good Morning, Friday.

I pass this broken down little road on my way to work each morning, and each morning I risk a quick glance over my shoulder to look back at the sunrise. This photo was taken about two weeks ago, when the weather was just turning crispy at the edges, and my front yard started to wake up touched with frost. There was no sunrise visible this morning, instead everyone just inched along in the drizzling rain.

I love Fridays. I love today even more, because I’ve scored the afternoon off to do some errand running, so that the weekend is completely mine. I might even go visit my new nephew.

Life just keeps moving on. Stop and look at a sunrise, if you can. Each one heralds a new day and all the opportunity that comes with it.

Insistent Reminder


I struggle to drink enough water every day, do you?  I keep this water bottle on my desk all day at work, and try and empty it twice – that should be 2 litres over a work day.  Sometimes it’s a success, but then I spend most of the day you know, getting rid of it.  Some days I get a whopping headache and realise it’s been an hour since I’ve had some water, drink some and feel better.  Still other days, I don’t drink a drop all day, and feel fine.  Weird, huh?

Is this the worst blog post ever?  Anyone? Anyone?